About Us

We are a clinical skincare company that provides a healthy mindset towards flawless skin. This process includes daily affirmations to support self love and mental wellness. Our products consist of quality ingredients that support our mission and solve problematic concerns of our customers skin.  

Through Brianna's 15 years career as an esthetician she realized she needed to develop a product that not only solved problematic skin concerns but promote self worthiness. Brianna struggled with acne all of her life. Her mother would buy every product someone recommended and nothing worked. In 2011 Brianna was working on L.A. fashion week and had a huge clientele who would ask her about skincare recommendations. Brianna felt in order to give her clients her best she needed to attend esthetics school. While in school her instructor helped her to clear her skin which is where she learned that she was using the wrong products. Post graduating and becoming licensed Brianna took classes with doctors, went to school to become a medical assistant and took courses through her skincare insurance company alongside attending trade shows to become a specialist in ethnic and corrective skincare. While working on her clients they would ask her about what products they should use and found her customers had the same problems she had prior to clearing her skin. This is where Brianna began her research to develop a product. She spent six years in research and development to bring forth B.O.K. Clinical before launching to the world.