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Our Mission

B.O. K.  is a brand that supports continued education in health and wellness as owner Brianna  Knight, understands the importance of self love and self care.  In 2012, Brianna experienced the tragic loss of her son Brayden.

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I’m sure you’d like to know what we’re about...

We are a clinical skincare company that provides a healthy mindset towards flawless skin. This process includes daily affirmations to support self love and mental wellness. Our products consist of quality ingredients that support our mission and solve problematic concerns of our customers skin.  

Double Orange-Sicle
Serum Trial
Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and ferulic acid work together to protect skin and provide long lasting hydration. An advanced microencapsulation technology enhances product penetration.
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Glow Mask
This specialized exfoliating scrub and treatment mask promotes brighter and younger looking skin. Kaolin clay and natural pumice goes straight to work detoxing pores and leaving behind a more clear complexion,
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Happy Customers!!!

Best face care system ever!! Within a week noticed major changes to my skin from glow to clearness and even dark spots!! I will forever use this line it is absolutely amazing!!!


I’m in love with these pads! I’m not one for doing a bunch of steps in my skincare regimen but this is a step I must have! I feel like it gave me that extra “boost” and helped me get the glow I’ve been looking for!

Elizabeth Rae

I received this product as a solution to dark spots on my cheeks and so far nothing has worked to remove them. I’ve been using this for about 5 days and my cheeks look awesome most of the spots are gone. I recommend this product for sure